Voip Cloud Phone Systems

VOIP Cloud Phone Systems and on Premise Phone Systems

Throughout 2017 technology has rapidly evolved, enabling businesses to increase their efficiency while decreasing costs. In 2017, 31% of companies in the United States have switched to cloud based VOIP telephone systems and it is expected that three million additional companies will switch to VOIP phone systems in 2018. (Frost and Sullivan).

Benefits of a cloud based phone system include:
  • High Reliability- 99.999% uptime
  • Advanced Features- Virtual Receptionist, Call Monitoring, Mobile Apps and Advanced Usage Analytics
  • Scalability- Add or reduce phones in minutes

Virtually no capital or upfront expenses. Savings of up to 45% monthly compared to your existing system.

Benefits of an on Premise Phone System include:
  • You own and manage the system at your location
  • Highly customizable and robust
  • Fully supported locally by Enhanced Voice and Data Networks expert support.

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