Affordable Audiovisual Equipment

The Opportunities for A/V Are Endless

The world of A/V is vast and exciting. One of the best ways to trick out your business is adding some eye-catching displays or a high-fidelity speaker system. 

We have a design team that can help you from the planning stages to initiation and then execution of a project.

Since there are so many possibilities out there, it is vital to establish and synchronize the expectations with your budget.

We could come out to just hang a 60” TV in a conference room, or fully automate an executive boardroom or concert hall.

No matter what your A/V needs are, Enhanced Voice & Data Networks is here to help. With over 10 years of experience, our locally owned and operated business has the knowledge and skills required to complete your project correctly the first time. Contact us for A/V service today.

Things You Should Consider When Planning to Install Audiovisual Equipment

What is the space going to be used for?
  • Is this a conference or boardroom that will be used primarily for business meetings?
  • What sources are you going to connect – laptops, Apple TV, webcams? 
  • Where do you want your connection points – on the conference table, on the wall, wireless connection?

Do you want automation?
  • Do you want to be able to turn on an entire system from a keypad on the wall?
  • Do you want to have control from a mobile device?
  • How many rooms do want to control at the same time?

What is the budget / expectation?
  • When new technology is released, it is generally more expensive and will come down in price 
  • It is very easy to exceed your budget with A/V if the design phase isn’t completed properly
  • It is especially risky to install lower-grade products to shave expense with A/V
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