Effective Security Cameras

Protect Your Property With Security Cameras

Besides locking the doors, installing security cameras in and around your business is one of the most effective ways to protect it. In the event of an intrusion, vandalism, or theft, video footage is the first evidence the authorities pursue. Don’t be caught without it!

We offer many solutions ranging from a small business needing a few cameras, all the way up to a more robust system with 32 or more cameras.

Call Enhanced Voice & Data Networks at 858-635-6504 right away to get a Hikvision security camera system installed on your property. Emergency services are available.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Camera System

What do you want to cover?
  • Entry and exit doors
  • Parking lots / license plates
  • Perimeters
  • Point of sale
  • Valuable stock areas

How far back do you want to have the footage stored?
  • Set the cameras to record continuously day and night
  • Set the cameras to only record when it detects motion

What kind of quality of resolution?
  • Analog or standard resolution
  • IP-based digital systems 1080p and higher

Where do you want to be able to log in to view the system?
  • Locally in the business
  • At home from any computer
  • On the mobile app, such as an iPhone or Android device
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