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Why You Need Fiber Optic Installations

As technology advances and network speeds increase, so does the infrastructure used to transmit the information.

The two main reasons why you would choose to run fiber instead of copper is the length of the run and the speed at which you need to transmit the information.

It is imperative that the fiber be installed, terminated, and tested to proper industry standards. All our fiber optic installations are tested with the Fluke Versiv DSX-5000, with printable results. 
Fiber optic cable

Things to Consider When Installing Fiber Optic Cabling

 What do you want to connect?
  • A demarc extension to bring carrier services into your business
  • A backbone / uplink connection between your network rooms
  • Devices that are farther than 330’

What type of environment is the cable going to be installed in?
  • A cable that is going to be exposed to the elements or buried underground
  • A cable that is going to be in a hazardous area, such as a warehouse or manufacturing plant
  • Should the cable be run through innerduct, a protective conduit?
  • Should the cable be armored?

What kind or type of fiber cable is needed?
  • Single mode or multi-mode?
  • How much bandwidth is required – 1 Gibit/s, 10 Gibit/s, faster?
  • How long is the run – 350’, 1000’, 10000’?
Fiber patch panel
Enhanced Voice & Data Networks also offers Corning fiber optic cables to ensure you receive the best results. Contact us today to receive a FREE estimate on your optic cabling installation. You can rely on our locally owned and operated company for impressive work because we've been in business since 2005.
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